Robbie Mitchell & Darryl Patterson

Robbie Mitchell's terminally obscure solo 45 on Watt's is strong hard soul-cum-R & B with "Gotta Be A Change" being the better side if only by the way that Mitchell spits out those "gotta gotta" words so fiercely. His duets with Darryl Patterson are much better known and both are well worth picking up as they are right in the tough Sam & Dave school.

"No One Can Do The Things You Do" is a beat ballad of considerable force as they holla out their own song in front of a big horn section and well arranged (Dee Ervin and Monk Higgins) rhythm. Those virtues are also apparent on their masterpiece on the other side ListenI Lost My Love (In a Beggar's Dream) a deep track that is rightly regarded very highly by fans of the genre. The singing of the guys is sensational - really fiery and powerful, straight from the church and the production is of a similarly high quality. The second Tangerine isn't quite up to the same standard but the easy paced ListenIt Hurts To Say Goodbye is a personal favourite not just for the vocals which are excellent but also for the super melody and the memorable horn lines.

Gotta be a change - WATT'S 3003 I lost me love (ina beggar's dream) - TANGERINE 990




Gotta be a change / It's a shame ~ WATT'S 3003


No one can do the things you do / ListenI lost my love (in a beggar's dream) ~ TANGERINE 990
ListenIt hurts to say goodbye / Your job to satisfy ~ TANGERINE 997



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