Pennington McgeePennington McGee

I'm afraid I know nothing about Mr McGee or even the Rupee label but I do recognise a fine record when I hear it. And ListenAll I Could Think Of certainly fits that description. I would call this a beat ballad rather than an out and out slowie, and the very busy drummer certainly does his best to kindle excitement. The guitarist plays some fine licks too, and the combination of the female chorus and the spare horn interjections are right on the spot. McGee's baritone vocals are good as well, particularly as he get towards the song's climax when his repeated shouts of "baby baby" conclude a strong effort.

Further info on both the singer and the label would be welcomed.

UPDATE ~ My great friend the info gatherer Greg Burgess writes to say that

All I could think of - RUPEE 6569"Pennington McGee was primarily a Chicago based artist and painter. As a second career he doubled as a  jazz percussionist and composer forming an associated in his later years with Terry Callier. He was born in Alton , Missouri on Sept 29 1945 and studied art at Columbus College of Art & Design . According to a contemporaneous Billboard advertisement in 1969 he recorded ‘All I Could Think Of’ for the tiny Rupee label owned by future screen writer Bob Peete. He died near St Louis, Missouri on April 8 2014. He is the father of the Illinois politician Kenneth McGee Durkin."

Thanks very much as always to Greg for some wonderful new info on this artist. Greg also supplied the great picture as well.




ListenAll I could think of / Don't look back on yesterday ~ RUPEE 6569 (1969?)



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