Never walk out on you - PRIX 7303Mitch Mitchell & Gene King

This single by the terminally obscure Mitch Mitchell and Gene King was issued on the Prix label out of Columbus, Ohio. And for me it is one of the very best tracks that George Beter and Clem Price recorded – a powerhouse deep piece of minor keyed emotional soul, driven by Mitchell’s gruff vocals and the wandering tenor sax of Chip Willis. As to Gene King’s involvement it’s very difficult to say as there is only one voice present. The two guys also collaborated on the rather messy two part funk item “Definition Of Things” from Cincinnati, where the guys may have come from, which leaves me pretty cold.



ListenNever walk out on you / Inst ~ PRIX 7303 (1973) (Reverse credited to CHIP WILLIS)
Definition of things / Pt 2 ~ KO GO (1970s)

Note ~ You can find “Never walk out on you” on the very interesting Eccentric Soul CD “The Prix Story”. This also contains an unissued Mitch Mitchell solo track called “Can’t Get A Nuff” which the funk guys might like.

Thanks to my friend Matt Starr for the suggestion.

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