Please send me a somebody else - POPSIDE 4592

Leo McCorkle

Like Johnny Northern and Kenny Ballard, Leo McCorkle was one of those New York musicians whose name you see on various obscure 45 from the Big Apple as writer or producer. This seems to be his only time in front of the curtain so to speak, but what a debut! ListenPlease Send Me A Somebody Else is one of the most intense vocals that I know, indeed Leo seems demented with anxiety as he prays for help. The dead slow, horn rich arrangement is just about perfect. If you want to find out just what deep soul is all about this is a very good place to start. The uptempo flip isn’t as good of course but McCorkle’s tortured tones are still very much in evidence.




ListenPlease send me a somebody else / (I feel like I'm) on top of the world ~ POPSIDE 4592 (1967)


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