Rosie Lopez

I'll Never Grow TiredPulsar Records was owned by Irving Garr, but they key creative partnership for the label’s output was that between a couple of New Orleans ex-pats Harold Battiste and Mac “Dr John” Rebennack. The duo wrote and produced fine music on several artists, notably other Crescent City emigres like King Floyd, Jesse Hill (who was also a key writer) and Alvin Robinson. No hits were forthcoming from their efforts sadly but the perceived quality of their music has steadily – and rightly – increased as the decades wear on.

Perhaps the most overlooked of their productions were the two 45 released by Rosie Lopez. The initial single was an easy mid paced double sider, but Rosie second outing had a real peach on its top side. ListenI’ll Never Grow Tired was a Rebennack / Hill composition which features a truly heartbroken vocal from Rosie over a fine jazz tinged rhythm section and tasteful horns courtesy of arranger Battiste. The uptempo flip doesn’t have the same power or emotional heft sadly.


Dark shadows and empty hallways / I still think about you ~ PULSAR 2402 (1969)
ListenI’ll never grow tired / Too hot to hold ~ PULSAR 2411 (1969)


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