Eva Larse

Eva Larse

Although she appeared ill at ease and uncertain on her appearances on the TV show The Beat, on disc New Orleans native Eva Larse fared considerably better. I would think that of her 45s, both of which came from the mid 60s, Listen(Won’t Someone Help) This Poor Lost Soul on Reginald was the first to be issued. This fine bluesy deep song from this Mississippi based label gives a far better image of what a strong vocalist she was. Love the churchy feel to her phrasing and the blue tinged way she ends several of the lines. "The Man Does Something To Me" is a ballad too, but lacks the focus and zip of the other side.

Startown was a Tennessee concern best known for the fine Eddie James 45 but this one – much rarer – is similarly sparse and uncluttered. The label certainly didn’t spend much on production but ListenEvery Now And Then has the feel of a late night set at a very small club when just about everybody who’s left in the joint is getting sadder and more morose about their lot in life. One to appreciate at 3.00 am.

(Won't someone help) this poor lost soul - REGINALD 8670 Every now and then - STARTOWN 5151


The man does something to me / Listen(Won't someone help) this poor lost soul ~ REGINALD 8670
ListenEvery now and then / Share together ~ STARTOWN 5151


Note ~ Eva Larse sang "You Took My Heart" on The Beat show #22 and "All I Could Do Was Cry" on show #23.


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