Delores Lynn

While the lively “The Big Search Is On” has had some attention in Northern circles, the ballad A side has pretty much been ignored up to now. And this is a pity as this early soul piece ListenJust Tell It Like It Is has an attractive melody, a strong arrangement and some hard singing from Delores, with just a hint of Irma Thomas in her phrasing. Junior records was a Philadelphia concern, owned by Kae Williams.


UPDATE ~ John Smith has wrriten to say that "Delores was from Baltimore & played the clubs there on a regular basis through to the 70's. After she cut the 45 for Junior, she changed tack a bit and mainly performed jazz numbers. She was a regular performer in venues such as Club Les Gals, the Red Fox (where she fronted the Claudie Hubbard Trio), the Bamboo Lounge (in conjunction with the Al Gross Quintette) and the North End Lounge (with the Donald Criss Trio). Incidently the North End Lounge was owned by Gary Bartz dad, now not a lot of people know that." He also says that "Singing is just one of the things Delores Lynndoes. Just as she performs volunteer work, caters, designs clothes, works as a security guard at the National Aquarium, moonlights at  Harrison's at Pier 5, upholsters furniture, tends to four children, eight grandchildren, a  stepmother, father, and 89-year-old aunt who raised her, Ms. Lynn sings jazz and blues. Her voice is a natural
gift, unpolished by formal training. Once, she sang professionally  around town to support her family. But as demand diminished for ballad singers with the  heart of a Sarah Vaughn or Betty Carter, she turned to other things One of the biggest shows she appeared on occurred on Saturday July 24th, 1965. She was on the bill at Carr's Beach (Annapolis) along with Nella Dodds, The Ascots& the Uptowns."

I'm very grateful to John for this excellent info - and for the two handvbills for Delores' gigs..

My great freind Greg Burgess has added to this by sending a link to an article about here which you can read here.

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ListenJust tell it like it is / The big search is on ~ JUNIOR 1008 (1963/4)

Thanks to Naoya Yamauchi for the suggestion.

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