Charles Lattimore

Both big voiced Charles Lattimore’s 1967 45s were produced by ex-Atlantic man Herb Abramson in New York and they are indispensible deep soul. With a gravelly voice chock full of feeling Lattimore was right in the pocket for this heaviest form of soul music. Don Covay’s splendid ballad ListenOne Woman Man with its climbing horn chart and sympathetic rhythm track is the better of the two singles but ListenWe Try Harder isn’t far behind. This is taken at a slightly sprightlier pace, with the drums more upfront in the mix but Lattimore’s vocal is, if anything even tougher and better articulated. If only there were more 45s like this from the man.



ListenWe try harder / Do the thing ~ SHOUT 219 (1967)
ListenOne woman's man / I done got over ~ FESTIVAL 706 (1967)



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