Bill Locke

ListenSomeone To Take Your Place was one of Joe Tex's earlier Dial sides, recorded before he really established his own unique style. Producer Buddy Killen also cut the tune on Bobby Marchan which was leased out to Cameo, but neither of these two tracks can hold a candle to Bill Locke's almost unknown version. For a start arranger Ron Bedenbaugh and producer Ray Allen set the song up so well - the combination of some understated bluesy guitar and the big big horn section is just unbeatable. And also, check out Bill's gruff tones and the power he demonstrates, especially on the rap in the middle, and in the verse and chorus which follows. Not many singers could take on Joe Tex and win but Bill Locke did.

Sadly Locke's other release isn't quite up to that standard. Although "Baby baby baby" is strong James Brown funk duet with Joe Wells, the downbeat flip. a version of Don & Juan classic doo wop "What's Your Name" doesn't quite do it for me. The legal label came from Jefferson, IN.


Someone to take your place - FRATERNITY 1008



ListenSomeone to take your place / She's got soul ~ FRATERNITY 1008 (1968)
Baby baby baby / What's your name ~ LEGAL (late 60s?)



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