Paul Kirk

Dallas’ Pompeii / Vesuvius labels had some fine 45s on them from the likes of Ike & Tina Turner, Les Watson & The Panthers and Jimmy Taylor. Another one that deserves a bit more attention is this one-off by Paul Kirk. The funky “Get Your Own” has its admirers but for me the big big production ballad ListenOn The Road To Love is the side. The arrangement sounds like the track might have been cut in New York rather than Texas there is so much going on, but Paul manages to rise above it all – just about – bringing some coherence to it all. This seems to have been his only outing from the day job as chief R & B producer for the label.

You can read more about Kirk’s colourful career in the music business over at the excellent blog “Soul Detective” by my friend Red Kelly here.


ListenOn the road to love / Get your own ~ POMPEII 7002 (1970)

Note ~ This is a completely different artist to the rockabilly singer on Urania.

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