James KirkJames Kirk

Harold Lipsius, boss of Jamie / Guyden in Philly was a major go-to guy for independent producers in the 60s as he had a reputation for fairness and good treatment. This was particularly true for southern record men looking to get at the larger markets in the Northern USA. One of the guys who went to Lipsius pretty regularly was the odious Huey Meaux, and one of the 45 he placed with Guyden was the obscurity by James Kirk.

ListenYou Better Come Home is a dead slow ballad of considerable charm, possibly better described as a doo wop tune rather than a soul one, which I like very much. Kirk’s occasional use of a falsetto range is just great, as is the melody, and the string arrangement. This really ought to be much better appreciated. Latin tinged uptempo flip is OK.


ListenYou better come home / Tell me please ~ GUYDEN 2126 (1965)


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