Freeman KingFreeman King

Multi-talented West Coast artist Freeman King was born on a farm in Pelahatchie, MS, moving to Los Angeles in the early 60s. He wrote a good few songs, often with Freddie Hughes, and produced several artists as well, such as Alder Ray Mathis and groups like the Robins. A lot of the arrangements were done by Arthur “Sleepy” Wright, and it was Wright who did the honours for King on the two 45s he had released. Both the Non-Stop (King’s own label) and the Kent singles are down home country soul. “Working For The Women” is a slow ballad, made even more mournful thanks to a hokum harmonica refrain winding it’s way behind him. Although it’s quite effective it isn’t a patch on ListenGeorgia Woman, which is the familiar tale of a country girl loose in the big city, given extra force thanks to Wright’s lovely guitar licks and King’s hoarse tone. "The Poor Man Lives Longer Than The Rich" is almost pure country in its arrangement.

But Freeman King made much more of a career as an actor and a comedian than a musician, getting a start in TV when he was spotted doing stand-up routines at Redd Foxx’s club. This led to regular work on the Sonny & Cher Hour, as well as roles in many programmes including “Starsky & Hutch”, “The Incredible Hulk” and “Hill Street Blues”. King passed away in 2002 aged just 59.


Working for the women (I love) / The poor man live’s longer (than the rich) ~ NON-STOP 654 (1971?)
The poor man lives longer than the rich / ListenGeorgia woman ~ KENT 4555 (1971)

Note ~ You can find "Georgia Woman" on the Ace UK CD "Pounds Of Soul" and "Working For The Women" on the same company's "For Connoisseurs Only Vol 3".

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