Dumas King

This one-off by the obscure Dumas King was written and produced by that energetic music man from Phoenix, Hadley Murrell. How the tracks found their way from Arizona to Stan Lewis’ Shreveport, LA base is anybody’s guess. The top side, a pun on “Lucille”, is a frantic R & B rocker, but the B side is a much more measured affair. Except for King’s vocal that is – which is a screaming, almost out of control performance based on early 60s James Brown style, when he sang the blues rather than funk. The fine guitar picking comes from Pete Cosey, and the keyboards from a young Rich Cason, whose later efforts have not been received with universal acclaim by southern soul fans like me.



Loose eel / ListenWish you’d come back ~ RONN 4 (1967)

Note – You can find “Wish You’d Come Back” on the Dionysus CD “The Soul Side Of The Street”, which features a very interesting selection of Hadley Murrell recordings.

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