Pat Johnson

Pat Johnson only seems to have had a couple of 45s – the first coming on a tiny Washington DC label Cap Town. And both sides have considerable merit. The uptempo “Give Me A Helping Hand” is catchy in a funky sort of way but the flip is the killer track. On ListenWe Must Say Good-Bye Pat really does show what a forceful and dynamic vocalist she was – full of fine phrasing and easy control. The arrangement on this well structured deep ballad is classic southern soul – no frills like strings or percussion just a big horn and rhythm section.

Pat’s other 45 for the Poindexter Brothers in New York doesn’t quite reach these heights sadly despite some more excellent vocal performances. Neither song has quite enough quality.



Give me a helping hand / ListenWe must say good-bye ~ CAP TOWN 601 (1970/1)
East of the sun West of the moon / Love brought you here ~ WIN OR LOSE 221 (1972)


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