I've been a long way from home - FREE AS A BREEZE 102


Jules Johnson



Nathaniel “Jules” Johnson’s first New York disc ListenI’ve Been A Long Way From Home was a real screamer featuring a barnstorming vocal full of righteous fire – love the screams of pain. And although the production was pretty “small label” the horns complemented the pumping organ and guitar licks to good effect.



Walking along my way - POLYDOR 14196His second 45 under the control of “Bowlegs” Miller in Memphis should have been even better, but sadly “Take A Little Time” was a rather anaemic ballad not helped by a rather “little girl” background harmonies. I prefer the mid tempo ListenWalking Along My Way which has a better melody but Johnson’s vocal is well throttled back and lacks the fire of his previous effort apart from the occasional snarl on the chorus.Like all his other releases Johnson’s final effort “I Just Want To Thank You” was self-penned but despite his best efforts this Big Apple ballad just doesn’t cut it. The song just isn’t strong enough sadly.





ListenI've been a long way from home / I'm a love man with a love plan ~ FREE AS A BREEZE 102 (early 70s)
Take a little time this time /ListenWalking along my way ~ POLYDOR 14196 (1973)
I just want to thank you / 300 degrees fahrenheit ~ POLYDOR 14232 (1974)



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