Don't leave me - SHI-LUSH 104

Fred Johnson


ListenFull Time Dream is a Chicago track that really needs more attention. Johnson's rather wistful vocal is well suited to the unusual construction of the song. The muted saxes and trumpets add to the atmosphere as does the jazzy guitar. Music providers the Scott Bros also had a 45 releases on Capri. Beware - this is a real grower - the chord changes get stuck in the mind like glue.

Full time dream - CAPRI 110UPDATE~ I've now manged to get hold of a copy of the rare Shi-Lush disc. The reason it's hard to find is "I Feel The Soul" which is a dancer's delight. Although there isn't much (if any) melody to the number it has enough oomph to keep the beat at the forefront, and Fred gives enough grit and perserverance to make it strong side. Much better though is the deep ListenDon't Leave Me on which his gravel voiced delivery is just about perfect. The trimmings - girl chorus, horns (especially the tenor soloist) and the chugging drum beat and pumpoed piano - are all there. A deep delight.



ListenDon't leave me / I feel the soul ~ SHI-LUSH 104 (1968)
ListenFull time dream / I need your love ~ CAPRI 110 (1972)


Thanks to Dante Carfagna (see Links).


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