I've got to get away from you - WHURLEY BURLEY 201

Curtis Johnson

Johnson originally hailed from Wichita Falls in Texas but only really became serious about music when he got to New Orleans in ’62. He formed the Sonics, who also included Doug Anderson in their line up in their 45 for White Cliffs, before going solo. I’ve Got To Get Away From You is rightly regarded as a deep classic these days, with Johnson’s gruff delivery and occasional falsetto shrieks perfect for the dead slow backdrop created for him by the “Big Q” Wardell Quezergue. Not surprisingly it sold well locally, and was even issued twice.

Johnson also recorded a funky 45 for Pelican as part of Wardell’s Malaco blitzkrieg in the early 70s, but having seen first hand aspects of the nastier underbelly of the music biz decided it wasn’t for him, and made no further recordings.


I've got to get away from you / If you need love ~ HOT LINE 911 / WHURLEY BURLEY 201 (1967?)
Trying to win you over / Sho-nuff the real thing ~ PELICAN 1920


Note ~ Both sides of the Hot Line/ Whurley Burley 45 can be found on the Funky Delicacies CD "Sixty Smokin' Solid Senders". "Sho-nuff the real thing" can be found on the companion volume "Wardell Quezergue's Funky funky New Orleans" - but as always with CDs from this source beware the dreadful sound quality.


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