You made me that way - VAT 102

Charles Jacobs

Charles Jacobs was born in Prentiss, MS but moved to New Orleans as a young adult. This disc from the early 70s would appear to have been his only recording from the classic period – but what a good one it is. Backed by a righteous female singer on ListenYou Made Me That Way Charles comes across big and strong with a tasty gruff tone. The small band behind them, with Charles playing the guitar I presume, do a good gospel based job. The label is affiliated to the Rosemont company that put out a couple of fine 45s on Alex Spearman.

By the 90 Charles was earning a living playing on the tourist trap that was Bourbon Street – but I don’t what happened to him after Katrina. You can read more about him here.



ListenYou made me that way / Searching for my baby ~ VAT 002 (early 70s)
Bourbon Street Blues ~ SOUND OF NEW ORLEANS CD SONO 1054 (2001)


Thanks to Bob McGrath (see Links) for the suggestion.


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