Eddie Ingram

New York singer Eddie Ingram had three 45s to his name that I’m aware of, but sadly neither of the last two are anything like as good as his initial release. His hard hitting version of Eddie Floyd’s classic “Knock On Wood” is a strong one, but the other side is tremendous. ListenPlease Don’t Hurt Me is a classic deep soul ballad written by Donald Height, who recorded his own version on Shout 226 in 1968. Ingram has a tough gritty vocal style, and a fine sense of “delay” timing and the committed band with a fine organist and guitarist give him all the support he needs. I would think this must have been issued in 1968 or 1969 assuming that Height cut his own track first.

There’s a gap now until 1975 when Ingram issued the second of his 45s. In keeping with the times both “Let Me Love You Everyday” and “We’ve Got Love (You And I)” have been infected with a bit of a disco beat, and Ingram’s voice has lost a lot of the throaty style. But they are pleasant easy swaying tracks to be sure, and much better than the thumping two part disco track “Breakaway”. 


ListenPlease don’t hurt me / Knock on wood ~ DOUBLE M 100 (1968/9?)
We’ve got love (you and I) / Let me love you everyday ~ DOUBLE M 104 (1975)
Breakaway / Pt 2 ~ TOMORROW’S Star 100 (1980)


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