I can't have you - WESTBOUND 5002


Jimmy Okera Hightower

Detroit artist Jimmy (or Jimmie) started out in show biz as a member of mixed group the Combinations who recorded for Carrie and Solid Rock amongst other even smaller labels. He went on a solo act in the 70s cutting one or two really nice songs. His Westbound outing ListenI Can’t Have You is a very melodic big city ballad featuring his sensitive, rather William Bell flavoured baritone. His Nemo Express single doesn’t quite have the same spark.

But his real jewel in the crown is ListenLove And Life, which is similarly paced but with an even better set of chord changes and a really superbly phrased vocal performance. A special piece of Motor City magic. Jimmy’s most recent outing combines the social realism of “Bring Us Our Day” with the pathos of “Grayhound”. Not too many synths either fortunately.

You're the one - NEMO EXPRESS 200 Love and life - BCN 777


Black man / ListenI can’t have you ~ WESTBOUND 5002 (1975)
You’re the one / Inst ~ NEMO EXPRESS 200 (mid 70s)
ListenLove and life / Love thou one another ~ BCN 777 (1980)
Bring us our day / Grayhound ~ CAMPO INT (41002) (1989)


Thanks to Andrew Love for the suggestion.


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