You got to give a little - DASH 5006


Jeanette Holloway

So many fine records – and so many that are now rare and highly sought after  - from Miami. Jeanette Holloway (now called Jeanette Wright Williams) sang background vocals on so many tracks from the city but only seems to have stepped into the limelight for this one 45. The dance crowd’s affection for the funky “I Won’t Be Around” has pushed the price for this one right up, but I prefer the more downbeat socially aware ListenYou Got To Give A Little which offers a better showcase for Jeanette’s subtle vocal style. Messrs Casey and Clarke are the guys behind this cut and it is nice to see a credit to Betty Wright for the horn arrangement.

UPDATE ~ Jeanette Holloway is Betty Wright's younger sister. I'm grateful to Martin Scragg and several other correspondents for the info.



I won’t be around / ListenYou got to give a little ~ DASH 5006 (1973)



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