James Hanns & "Soul" EntertainersJames Hanns & the "Soul" Entertainers

I’m not a big fan of garage bands but I will certainly make an exception for James Hanns and the “Soul” Entertainers – I presume the quote marks around the word “Soul” in their moniker shows that the band was white. They were active in the Milwaukee area for several years in the 60s but only seem to have made just this one single record during this time.


But both sides are really fine efforts. “It’s A Fine Thing” is a superb pastiche of mid 60s James Brown with Hanns rasping baritone vocals well to the fore over a riffing band. Not surprising this track has found its way onto a couple of funk compilations recently.


I Found YouiBut considerably more to my taste is the other side ListenI Found You. This is still very much influenced by Mr. J B but his ballad side rather than funk. Hanns is excellent on this track as well, suitably gruff and with a fine sense of dynamics and soulful feeling. I like the backing track very much as well, particularly the horns, and the whole track is well worthy of its place in these archives. Trying to find it remains a big problem though.

his side rivals the excellent Bennie Cole release for the best Raynaud track.


It's a fine thing / ListenI found you ~ RAYNAUD 1049 (1967)


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