Freda Harris

Both these mid 70s records are very fine indeed and well worth seeking out. ListenI Miss Your Love is deep soul personified as Freda sings out her troubles. She had a very good sense of timing – listen as she stretches out the verses here, and an excellent range. Love those high “moans”. A sparse arrangement – no horns - emphasis the mood and the background singers offer great support.

ListenIt Be’s That Way Sometime is more overtly bluesy and has an even more stripped down backing. It features a heavier, more emotionally intense vocal performance as well as Freda tells her tale of woe about a bad relationship. No matter how many times she repeats the refrain you can tell she’s having a lot of trouble convincing herself that she has to just live with the outcome.

This gutsy singer only seems to have released a couple of 45s – but it I hope that unissued tracks will appear from the vaults in time.

I miss your love - SOUL TRACK 100 It be's that way sometime - ACE 3015



Listen It be's that way sometimes / My body wants your body ~ ACE 3015 (1975)
Listen I miss your love / Feeling funky ~ SOULTRACK 100 (mid 70s)


Note ~ a slightly different and shorter version of “It Be’s That Way Sometime” appeared on the Westside UK CD “Curiosities”.

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