E Jackie Hines

More West Coast R & B for your delectation from E Jackie Hines. A purist might take umbrage at the flute and the female chorus but I like the changes these bring to a splendid minor keyed blues ballad. Hines has a hard grained tone to his vocal which of course is just right for the material – as indeed is the guitarist and the subdued horns. Completely out of date by the time it was released in 1976 – could it have been recorded much earlier? The only 45 he made as far as I’m aware.

UPDATE ~ Both Bob McGrath and my great friend Greg Burgess have been in touch to confirm my suspicion that this disc was recorded way before 1976. In fact it was issued on Virgitone back in 1965. I've now found a copy of this first release and the music is identical but the image above has been replaced with one from this 45.


ListenI’m not the fool / I’m so glad ~ VERGITONE 101 (1965) / COSMIC 101 (1976)


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