Claudette Hines

On the only single that Claudette Hines recorded, the top side, synth laden “The Hottest” has had some plays on the modern soul boogie dance scene – but its success has been restricted thanks to the rarity of the disc. Although “The Hottest” is OK I suppose it can’t hold a candle to the flip side ListenI Can Never Be Happy (Without My Man). This is a splendid throwback deep soul ballad in the grand manner that other artists on the Mississippi based Statue label like Larry Hobson, Lloyd Hendricks, Ann Bogus and Ben Atkins have recorded. A fine slice of country soul with real instruments including a well arranged horn section makes this 1980 release a very welcome rarity.

Statue was owned by the late John Mihelic who ran his little music endeavour from a Tupelo, MS base for more than 20 years. This 45 by Claudette Hines was one of the last releases before he passed away.



The hottest / ListenI can never be happy (without my man) ~ STATUE 121080 (1980)



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