Talk is cheap - MOONSHOT 69001


Sandy Gaye

Is this the only session recorded by this big voiced chanteuse from Georgia? It certainly seems so but from the evidence here it shouldn’t have been. Full of confidence, Sandy chides her man about his conduct via some lovely gospel based tricks and moves – clearly here is a woman not to be trifled with. Supported by a super big horn section well forward in the mix, and a rhythm section that understands the need to keep the temperature high, she dominates this fine deep ballad so well. From the label I guess we’re talking about 1969 for this one. Rare but not impossible to find it’s an obscurity that you really ought to pick up.



ListenTalk is cheap / He's good for me ~ MOONSHOT 69001 (1969)
Talk is cheap / Watch the dog that brings the bone ~ TRAGAR 6815 (1969)

Note ~ Both sides of the Tragar 45 can be found on Numero Uno's excellent Double CD "Eccentric Soul : The Tragar And Note Labels".

Thanks to Brian Poust (see Links) for the Tragar issue info and to Pete Nickols for the CD info.


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