Blow wind blow - ACE 522


Junior Gordon

I’m a real nut for New Orleans R& B and although Junior "Izzycoo" Gordon cut his only two 45s in the city both of them are classics in their own way. “Blow Wind Blow” is my pick for the best “calypso” beat that legendary drummer Earl Palmer ever laid down and the number features one of tenor man Lee Allen’s greatest solos. Gordon - who may well have been giging with the city's premier doo-wop group the Spiders - was brought into the studio by label owner Johnny Vincent to sing the song written by the wonderful Huey Smith who had wanted to do it himself.

A brighter day - JAY PEE 1250In the early 60s Gordon went back into the studio to record an excellent double sider for the obscure Jay Pee concern. “Call The Doctor” has been played by several of the more enlightened DJs recently and its Chris Kenner feel puts it right into that good time Crescent City bag – irresistible good time music. The flip A Brighter Day, written by guitar wizard Roy Montrell, is one of the best of those lovely ballads that Louisiana is rightly famous for. Is it swamp pop? Is it early deep soul? Or is it a wonderful mixture of them both? In the end of course it doesn’t really matter what pigeonhole you place it in. Just wallow in the triplet piano, easy paced drumming (Robert French) and Gordon’s soulful voice.



Blow wind blow / My love for you ~ ACE 522 (1956)
Call the doctor / A brighter day ~ JAY PEE 1250 (1962)


UPDATE ~ My friend, the Louisiana music expert, John Broven has written to me with a very interesting theory. Noting the link to AFO in the music publishing of "A Brighter Day" John wonders if "Jay -Pee" stands for Junior and Perilliat as "Junat" is named as the production company. If he's right - and he usually is - then the musicians would most likely include Perilliat himself on sax, John Boudreaux on drums and maybe Roy Montrell on guitar. I'm grateful to John for writing.

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