Birmingham George

Birmingham George is a mystery man to me. Could his name be “Conner” as in the composer credits of both sides of this fine 45? Could he even be from Birmingham, AL? In any event ListenPoor Boy was recorded in the Windy City by that busy arranger/producer Johnny Cameron. I like the gloomy feel of this track and George’s desperation is almost tactile.


UPDATE ~ Several gentlemen have very kindly written to point out the total inadequacies of my research into Birmingham George. He is George Conner, who also had a blues 45 issued on Atomic-H with his name misspelled George Corner. Otis Rush and Lonnie Brooks both played guitar on the Birmingham George single on Marsi. George operated clubs in Chicago and back home in Alabama, where he lives now. In recent years he and bluesman Willie King shared a CD and he has also worked with the Music Maker Relief Foundation. You can hear some of Geroge's music at their website here. There is also a video of a performance by George at the Freedom Creek Festival in 2010 here.

Thanks to Marc Demuynck, Greg Burgess, Alasdair Blaazer, Jim O'Neal and Mike Cassidy for putting me straight.

Greg has very kindly sent a Living Blues interview with Birmingham George which also has a lot more details of his life and times. You can read it here.



Morning Love Blues / Too hot to hold - ATOMIC - H 918 (1957)


ListenPoor boy / Back in town ~ MARSI 503 (1965)


Walkin' the Walk Talkin' the Talk CD - (Private Pressing) (1999)

Thanks to Bob Abrahamian for the suggestion.

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