Over here over there -SEN-TOWN 1006

Frank & Vivian

That rather odd sub genre, the soul of Vietnam, has become somewhat more fashionable – and obtainable – of late, due in no small part to the persistence of expert Greg Burgess. This is one of the rarer of the breed, opening with a military flourish and then segueing into a fine ballad, featuring a very good guitarist and some strong horns. Vivan takes the first verse, Frank replies for the second and they duet as the song reaches its ending climax. They may not be the most elaborate or powerful singers I’ve ever heard but the down home production and their interplay gives the record a poignancy and relevance that many other more commercial offerings can’t get near.

Sen-Town was a tiny concern based in Huntsville, AL but owner Ervin Thomas (the arranger/producer here) also had strong Washington DC connections, linking with the Charity label on which Gene Austin had a very fine deep 45.



ListenOver here over there / Same ~ SEN-TOWN 1006


Thanks to Dante Carfagna (see Links) for extra info

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