Sooner or later - JOSIE 901


Four Rivers

This short lived group only had a couple of 45s but this Josie double sider more than makes up for that. I would say that they may just be the closest to a gospel quartet that a secular group ever managed. "I Confess" is a real screamer of an uptempo number with a fully righteous start. ListenSooner Or Later begins in a similar fashion and then settles down to a waltz time ballad. Although the backing is straight from the church as well- just a rhythm section, no horns or strings - this 45 is all about the voices who include Ken Pleasant and that fine West Coast artist Freddie Hughes. His thrilling high tenor has illuminated so many quality records, and although he is best known for his great "Send My Baby Back" as a solo artist he spent most of his career in groups like the Cymbals, Music City Soul Brothers (again with Pleasant), Casanova II and the Fabulous Ballads. I'm very pleased to say he is still going strong.


I confess / ListenSooner or later ~ JOSIE 901 (1962)
I walk in circles / Send my records COD ~ MUSIC CITY 845 (1962)


Note ~ This is Freddie Hughes not the Chicago artist Fred Hughes who cut for Vee Jay, Exodus, Cadet and Brunswick. It is easy to get these artists muddled up - I've done it myself on occasion - but recent research by Colin Dilnot (see Links) among others has sorted it all out.

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