Someone's waiting - KOKO 730Fabulous Tears

Koko, among other labels like Baylor and B & J, was owned and operated by that gangster Johnny Baylor, who is notorious for his role in the downfall of Stax – among other things. Before he got involved in the Memphis music business with his main artists Luther Ingram and Tommy Tate he worked out of the Big Apple recording Little Dooley (Silverspoon) on some fine tracks like the excellent deep ballad “I Love You”. Billed with Dooley on that 45 from 1965 were the Fabulous Tears, who may possibly have been the backing singers – but oddly the only vocalist on the disc was Silverspoon himself.

Fast forward 13 years and Baylor resurrected the name for a vocal group and issued ListenSomeone’s Waiting as one of the very last Koko releases. This tune is a superior downbeat offering with some first rate vocal harmonies after an introductory rap. I’ve never seen a copy with another song on it – do any exist?


ListenSomeone’s waiting / Same ~ KOKO 730 (1978)


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