Howard Everett


There aren’t many artists from the 1980s indie boom, which was the last throw of the dice for the 45 format, mentioned on these pages as so much Afro-American music was poisoned by the dreaded synths with gospel based vocalists suffering through the noise. But there were exceptions and one of them was Howard Everett. He made only three 45s but they all offered a little escape into the past thanks to real instruments and his excellent vocal performances.

I would guess that his Ne-Bo version of End Of The Rainbow which appeared under the name “Howard Evearly” as well as his correct appellation, was the initial recording of the song in South Carolina. But good as it was the version called Rainbow Love that appeared on Reginald Eskridge’s gallant little Memphis based Blue Town label was the more impressive – better acoustics and arrangement thanks to excellent guitarist Michael Toles. Also the Ne-Bo funky flip “Get Your Self Together” can’t hold a candle to the first class Blue Town B side ListenThinking Of You. Another deep goodie makes this 45 a real winner. Eskridge’s Blue Town concern also featured the very impressive Eddie Mayberry – so sad it only lasted a couple of years.

I’m fairly sure that Everett’s third and seemimgly final 45 for the terminally obscure Sunrise Productions followed on from the other releases. While the B side “Babalon” is entirely forgettable funk, the top side is a lovely piece of gospel soul entitled Let Me Be Your Child. Howard is joined by a very fine gospel quartet and backed by a well arranged organist over which his impassioned vocals really shine out.

What a shame Howard Everett has disappeared from view.




End of the rainbow / Get your self together ~ NE-BO 2128 (1984) (Note released as by HOWARD EVEARLY as well as HOWARD EVERETT)
Rainbow love / ListenThinking of you ~ BLUE TOWN 84204 (1984)
Let me be your child / Babalon ~ SUNRISE PRODUCTIONS (1980s)



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