Big Ella

Big Ella

Ervaella Tate cut several tough 45s in the late 60s and although these were ostensibly soul releases she was quite clearly from the R&B lineage that went back to Bessie Smith and beyond. As she sings on the hard funky "It Takes A Lot Of Lovin" - "They call me Big Ella and Memphis is my home".

And despite the Chicago location of the Rush label I'd bet a fair sum that her first 45 was cut in her home town.ListenPlease Don’t Hurt Me is a splendid blues ballad with excellent male chorus and tasteful blue guitar fills in support of Ella’s impassioned wailing.

But ListenI Need A Good Man was certainly cut in the Windy City and it is a good deal more bluesy than her previous releases. Over a chugging rhythm Ella makes her desires crystal clear, backed up by an excellent horn section and tasteful stinging guitar lead. Dance fans love tracks like "The Queen" but this last 45, with it's fine flip as well, is her strongest disc.

I need a good man - LO LO 2101 Please don't hurt me - RUSH 100



The queen /ListenPlease don't hurt me ~ RUSH 100 (1968)
It takes a lot of loving /ListenI need a good man ~ SALEM 1007 / LO LO 2101 (1969)
Too hot to hold / Come back home ~ SALEM 1009 (1969)


AdNote ~ The Big Ella on Superheavy is really Kim Tolliver.

Thanks to Pete Nickols for the great image.


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