Yvonne Daniels

Although New York based artist Yvonne Daniels only seems to have had a small handful of releases they do include one real killer track. ListenSpread The Word may not be a ballad but it has the vocal fire and intensity that all the very best deep tracks have – in fact it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Yvonne sounds almost possessed the way she howls and screams her way through the uplifting lyric. Lovely gritty tone too. The chugging drummer and tasty pianist do their best to keep up, assisted by horns and background sisters. The occasional fluffed note only adds to the frenzy.

The flip pounds away too but isn’t in the same class, and neither sadly is her Red Lite release, although “I Got To Get Close To You” is a pleasant enough mid paced number.  Yvonne’s rare (and very expensive) Sterling 45 “I Don’t Wanna Get Away From Your Love” has had some Northern soul exposure but really it’s a pretty limited number musically and she doesn’t exert herself vocally.

Spread the word - DE-LITE 451 I got to be close to you - RED LITE 117

Yvonne Daniels Chart Action 

UPDATE ~ Pete Nickols has kindly written with this nice looking chart prediction on which Yvonne's De Lite 45 appears. It is dated to June 1971 just a month before the news item on her joining De Lite records! I'm grateful to Pete as always for his efforts on behalf of this website.



I don’t wanna get away from your love / I love it ~ STERLING 601 (late 60s)
ListenSpread the word / Turn me on ~ DE-LITE 451 (1971)
I got to be close to you / Super soul music ~ RED LITE 117 (1972)


Note ~ I’m pretty sure that the famous Chicago radio personality Yvonne Daniels is a different woman altogether.

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