Tell me why of why - ORIENTAL


Roland Dice

Are these tracks swamp pop? Deep soul? Does it really matter since the music is so good? Roland Dice seems to have come from rural Louisiana to judge by the location of his recordings. Everybody Loves Somebody shows Dice’s throaty vocal stylings really well over a triplet piano and some subdued horns. Love the rap in the middle as well. Tell Me Why Oh Why is very much in the same vein. Another weepy ballad to treasure.

The Jamie release Velma – produced by the odious Huey Meaux - is even better – a great chugging song with perfect backing of rhythm section and horns. Dice’s voice again sounds A1 – hoarse and emotive with a lovely crying tone. This really ought to be much better known in deep circles.

Velma - JAMIE 1257Further info on this fine singer would be much appreciated.

UPDATE ~ Naoya Yamauchi has written to say that he is sure this is Bobby Angelle. And sure enough the writer of both these 45s is Olen (or Olan) Boudreaux, Bobby's real name. And now that it's been pointed out it seems obvious - that "crying" tone, the vibrato, that emotional depth. You can find the details of his later recording career on the West Coast as Bobby Angelle here.



Everybody loves somebody / Velma ~ JAMIE 1257 (1963)
Tell me why, oh why / Everybody loves somebody ~ ORIENTAL 820621/2         


Many thanks to Naoya Yamauchi for some excellent detective work.

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