Home from Vietnam - ACHILLEAN 502


Patricia Denson

Always good to highlight a record from Washington DC as it seems quite a lot of them were rather more pop than soul. This is one of only two 45s on Achillean that I'm aware of and it is a very fine double sider, both featuring the classic ingredients of a churchy organ, tasteful guitar lickes and some well arranged horns. The official top side is Home From Vietnam a weepy ballad of considerable presence, and is yet another example of the war time soul genre that sadly has been overlooked to date. I Thought I Heard You Moan is a similarly chorded piece of deep soul which may just be the better side thanks to Patricia's more committed vocal.



Home from Vietnam / I thought I heard you moan ~ ACHILLEAN 502 (late 60s)


Thanks to Andy Aitchison for the suggestion.

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