To much to soon - MOJO 101

Nancy Day

This is the only 45 I know by Nancy Day but it’s clear she should have recorded many more tracks. Just listen as she screams out her own heartfelt lyric. Wonderful sense of dynamics and sheer pain – sheer agony. ListenTo Much To Soon (sic) is sanctified gospel music all right – the sisters in the background give the game away even if the sparse instrumentation, especially the twin keyboards of organ and piano, didn’t. I wonder if the singers were all part of some local church group.

Calvin Arnold produced this one for his own Mojo label while he was based in Atlanta.

UPDATE ~ Greg Burgess has found another 45 by Nancy. The details of this gospel record are now in the discography below.



I wonder where our love has gone / ListenTo much to soon ~ MOJO 101
Softly and tenderly / Somebody touched me ~ SAVOY 1100 (1965)

Thanks to Greg Burgess for extra info.

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