My faith in you is all gone - SOUL CRAFT !


James Dockery

Why this killer deep soul track from Los Angeles isn’t well known I can’t say – the high price for the Northern side maybe? But I can do my best to get it properly acknowledged. It first came out arounbd 1967 and was reissued in the early 70s. The rhythm track was the same but the vocal was from a different take and the whole sound was beefed up by a remix. I much prefer the later release so that's the cut you can hear at this site. From the opening fanfare and the start of the minor keyed guitar figure you can tell this amalgum of ListenGiving You The Love I Need and "I Love You Girl" is going to be good but when the song gets back into a major key for the chorus it’s clear it’s better than that. Check out the horns for example – just wonderful. But even better is Dockery’s vocal. This really comes into its own after the song slows down mid-way through as he gets more and more impassioned, screaming his love hoarsely and so convincingly towards the run out groove. Whenever I hear this I have to go straight back to the beginning and listen again. “My Faith In You Is All Gone” is very ordinary in comparison.

Giving you the love you need & I love you girl - SOUL CRAFT 1UPDATE ~ Bob Abrahamina writes to say that Dockery was from Chicago and part owned the Soul Craft label. When he moved tothe West Coast the label moved with him. James recorded the Rokk 45 on Tollie and also cut under the name of Jonah Dockery for Thomas (now in the disocgraphy). Dockery is now back in the Windy City. I'm very grateful to Bob for this fine info.





World of gloom / ??? ~ THOMAS 811 (late 60s)


ListenGiving you the love I need & I love you girl
/ My faith in you is all gone ~ SOUL CRAFT 1 (1967)

Mote ~ The Soul Craft 45 was reissued in the 70s with a different mix and vocal take.


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