Henry Dixon

Henry Dixon came from Providence, LA where he attended the G W Griffin High School. He came to meet bluesman Classie Ballou via the school’s music teacher Bobby Moore. Dixon must have been in his early teens when he cut the splendid blues ballad ListenCome Back and doesn’t he sound young. But there is enough grit in his performance – as well as those electrifying screams – to hint at great promise. The 45 was produced by label owner Larry Johnson in LA.

The harmony singers may well have included Fred "Sugar Bear" Wallace, Henry Lane, and Cliff Lee who, with Dixon, formed the Bar-B’s. This group mutated into the Darker Shades Of Black at the end of the 60s, and they toured and recorded with Ballou until he retired from the road in 1976.


ListenCome back / Promise me baby ~ TOKEN 105 (1963)

Special thanks to Rob Sevier of the Numero Group.

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