Bobby Dixon


Bobby Dixon

Raw, tuff music from Johnny Brantley’s Vidalia productions. A wonderful preaching opening statement from the gritty voiced Dixon followed by a screaming vocal as he raves about the way his life has been turned around. The “tune” on Woman You Made Me has no recognisable melody; it’s merely a vehicle for Dixon’s uncontrolled passion. The background is suitably disorganised, love the prominent baritone sax, and the harmony singers only add to the confusion. Only a true soul fan would find anything to like here – everybody else would walk away saying “what a mess”. No compromises here at all.

Woman you made me - PROBE 455

UPDATE Thanks to some excellent work by Colin Dilnot (see Links) we now know that Bobby Dixon is really Bobby Lee Fears. A full page on Bobby will feature here shortly.




You don't wanna love me / Woman you made me ~ PROBE 455 (1969)


Thanks to Davie Gordon for info.

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