Bobby Dent

Texan artist Bobby Dent only seems to have recorded just this one 45 but it’s one to look out for all right. “Funky Soul Au-Go-Go” is a pretty good James Brown styled funk item, but of course it is the other side that really catches my ear. ListenI’ll Always Love You is a blues ballad of considerable power. Dent is good particularly towards the run out groove, when his tone gets grittier, and the small band know their stuff. Label looks like a Houston one to me.

UPDATE ~ Marc Demuynck kindly writes to say that the producer of this disc "Piano Slim" is really Willard Burton who also had 45s on Jetstream and Zune under this pseudonym - the latter being "Shingaling Time" / "Stage Coach To Boot Hill" (ZUNE 101). I'm grateful to Marc for getting in touch about this.


Funky soul au-go-go / ListenI’ll always love you ~ ZUNE 103 (late 60s?)


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