The show must go on - KWANZA 7766

Terry Collins

A Pittsburgh native, Terry Collins complicated personal life prevented his wonderful vocal talents from reaping their just rewards. Even with some rather ordinary material his gruff, hoarse and totally committed singing was always worth listening to. And sadly tracks like “Hold Hands With One Another” and “I. L.O.V.E Y.O.U”  are pretty run of the mill uptempo Philly fare. He only cut three 45s but they did include one of the very best deep soul cuts of the 70s. His version of ListenThe Show Must Go On cut, like his other tracks, at Sigma Sound Studios, is simply magnificent. Terry’s gritty, emotive singing is a throwback to the great gospel based vocalists of the 60s and the sympathetic arrangement and production fits the material to a T. In my view – and I must whisper this as some people are very touchy about this subject – Collins’ song is both better written and better performed than the more famous tune of the same title by Sam Dees.

You can read producer Bobby Eli’s account of his working relationship with Terry here.


Actions speak louder (than words) / I. L.O.V.E. Y.O.U ~ KWANZA 7739 (1973)
ListenThe show must go on / Actions speak louder (than words) ~ KWANZA 7766 (1973)
Oh so lonely / Hold hands with one another ~ SILVER BLUE 7301 (1975)

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