I won't cry - DIMENSION 1037


Pete Cooke

Yes of course you can hear echoes of Sam Cooke in New York namesake Pete’s emotionally wracked ListenI Won’t Cry but that shouldn’t put anybody off. This is just an awesome piece of deep soul which just gets better and better – I defy anybody not to be affected by Cooke’s desparate screaming. This superb track battles with Bobby Sheen’s “My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You” as the best 45 on Dimension.

The uptempo flip which has a good rock ‘n’ roll feel to it has some merit as well. But sadly the least said about Pete Cooke’s 45 the better.

UPDATE ~ Ben Cohen writes with the observation that "Pete Cooke on DIMENSION sounds very much like Jimmy Outler, who replaced Johnny Taylor in the Soul Stirrers. 1965 is about the the time he switched from the Soul Stirrers to the Brooklyn Allstars. he can be heard extensively on the SAR records 2-CD set and on the Excello CD of the Brooklyn Allstars." Thanks to Ben as always.


Little darlin' / ListenI won't cry ~ DIMENSION 1037 (1965)
Home on the range / Take it and git ~ LOGO 503

Thanks to my friends David C and Yass for the discographical reminder.

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