Lonzine Cannon

If you mention New York singer Lonzine Cannon to a Northern soul fan, the chances are he’ll say “Quit While I’m Ahead”, a fair to middling big city beater. But the rhythm and the background singers almost drown Lonzine out, and you have to listen to her other tracks to appreciate just what a fine, forceful vocalist she was. Her second 45 includes the tuneful “You Still Love Her” which is based on the chord changes for the Shirelles “Don’t Say Goodnight And Mean Goodbye”, and the flip is even better. I really like the easy paced ListenNo Man Is An Island because of the tasty “early soul” arrangement and because of Lonzine’s gritty performance. Just check out her excellent phrasing. But for me her best vocal came on her frist release - ListenYou Stayed Away Too Long, written by Joe “Talk To Me” Seneca. This is a really fine ballad which features some excellent piano work and a really heartfelt delivery from Lonzine, using a super gruff tone. A tune to savour.

You stayed away too long - PHILIPS 40128 No man is an island - PHILIPS 40190


ListenYou stayed away too long / One at a time ~ PHILIPS 40128 (1963)
ListenNo man is an island / You still love her ~ PHILIPS 40190 (1964)
Quit while I’m ahead / Cold at Night ~ PHILIPS 40240 (1964)


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