Let's try it over again - DELTA 0006


Jo Jo Coleman

This is the only 45 I’m aware of by the obscure Jo Jo Coleman on the tine Delta label deep in the country from tiny Winnsboro, LA, although I wouldn’t be surprised to find more. Both sides fall superbly well into the realms of this website being fine ballads. Five Years Too Long with its plodding rhythm and gentle arrangement is good but I think it’s just bettered by Let’s Try It Over Again. The melody and chord structure of this song are just right, and Coleman’s wistful baritone is more measured and surefooted. The guitarist’s careful solo at the bridge is well constructed and the occasional horn passages round the whole thing off very nicely. This isn’t fiery deep soul but it does grow in stature every time you hear it. Mid 60s for sure.



Five years too long /Let's try it over again ~ DELTA 0006 (1968)


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