Jerry Combs & The Mannix

This guy is often confused with the bandleader / composer Jerry Coombs who provided the backing for several of the Tri-Spin 45s including the strong Tony Foxx. Tri-Spin was a New York state based label while Jerry Combs and the Mannix were from the West Coast. And listening to the New York Coombs on his sole vocal 45 he doesn’t sound a bit like the guy I’m covering here. So 2 different artists I believe.

Jerry Combs & The Mannix recorded at least one session in LA for Warner Bros which produced two singles in 1968. The first release included the wonderful first version of ListenIt Takes A Whole Lot Of Woman, covered a year later by the excellent Willie Gauff. Combs comes across really strongly on the deep soul classic written and arranged by the very talented Jimmy Holiday. The horns are just right as indeed is the whole sound – could listen to this top quality music all day.

Sadly the version of the Big O’s “I Can’ Turn You Loose” doen’t do a lot to move the original on, and despite the name of Jimmy Lewis as co-writer on the flip, the 45 is a disappointment. The only other Combs track to have appeared is “Cupid’s Arrow” which was on a Japanese CD compilation of Warner Bros material.


ListenIt takes a whole lot of woman / I don’t want to cry ~ WARNER BROS 7217 (1968)
Get yourself together / I can’t turn you loose ~ WARNER BROS 7426 (1968)


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