Isaac Clark

New Orleans singer Isaac Clark cut the marvelous bluesy deep ballad ListenDon't Abuse My Love for the ubiquitous Earl King. The slight "wah wah" guitar effects aren't off putting at all as the horns are really well up in the mix (great!) and Clark is suitably gritty as he gets "down on my knees" to plead with his baby. The funky flip is considerably better than the title might suggest.

Clark's other 45 for Miro ListenSomebody Please Hear My Cry is another slow blues of considerable weight on which he sounds even more desperate. This sounds a slightly later recording than the Fingertips - certainly into the 70s - and could well have been cut in New Orleans as well. More 45s from this singer would have been very welcome.

Don't abuse my love - FINGERTIPS 100 Somebody please hear my cry - MIRO 8000



Santa Claus is coming to town / Pt 2 ~ SEVEN B 1225
ListenDon't abuse my love
/ Flip flop the duck ~ FINGERTIPS 100 (1972)
Do the dog funk / ListenSomebody please hear my cry ~ MIRO 8000 (early 70s)


Thanks to Peter Hoogers for the Seven B 45 details.

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