Frank Curt

This 45 by Frank Curt is completely obscure. Aside from the fact this it was cut in New York I can’t supply any details at all – but would love to hear from anybody who can. In any event ListenStay With Me fully deserves its place in these archives. It’s a highly melodic ballad full of atmosphere thanks to the sparing use of strings and some fine keyboard playing. Over this fine backing Curt uses his delicate tenor vocal to great effect, floating around the melody and using some great falsetto to add emphasis to the lyric.

UPDATE ~ Both Mike Cassidy and Pete Nickols have kindly been in touch about this 45. Mike has provided a link to the establishmnet of Right On by Farem productions in September 1970. You can find it here.

Pete has noticed that "he song was apparently written by a Frank Brockington (could this even be Frank Curt's real name?)." And on that possibility he has found details of a 45 by Mr Brockington:-

"You'll lose a good thing" / "Instrumental" (SOUTH CENTRAL 1000)

which was produced by Clip Hightower.I haven't been able to locate a copy of this 45 yet - can anybody let me know if this could be Frank Curt?

I'm grateful to Mike and Pete for their excellent sleuthing on a very obscure topic.

NEW UPDATE ~ Thanks to the kindness of Mark Dobson I've now had a chance to listen to the Frank Brockington track on South Central. Sadly the result is inconclusive - while there are similarities in the vocal approach neither Mark nor I feel confident enough to make definite call - can anybody help with this one?


ListenStay with me / Sugar & spice ~ RIGHT-ON 107 (1971/2)


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