Dottie Clark

Dottie Clark showed she had a fine bluesy tinge to her vocals on her only 45 for Hollywood, which was produced by Nashville DJ Hoss Allen. The excellent ListenAll Woman was the better side thanks to the great guitar licks and the expressive horns. The flip was a good cut of the  standard “Since I Fell For You”. The session for these sides may well have been held in Memphis judging by the sound – certainly the horns are the always excellent Memphis crew.



ListenAll woman / Since I fell for you ~ HOLLYWOOD 1138 (1970?)

Notes ~

1. You can find “All Woman” on the SPV Blue CD “The Rogana Story” and “Since I Fell For You” on the Superbird CD “Rare Blues And Soul From Nashville”. Both of these excellent compilations were put together by Fred James – buy them.

2. The Dotty Clark who recorded for Big Top in New York is a different artist.

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