Chee Chee

This oddball 45 is a really strange one. Uncle Sam Ain’t No Woman is a fairly well known blues trope, especially during times of war like the Korean one and the Vietnam conflict. The backing to Chee Chee’s screaming rendition is a favourite Zeke Strong rhythm used by such diverse vocalists as Jimmy “Preacher” Ellis, Cry Baby Curtis, Dorothy Berry and Carl Underwood. He is not credited on this 45.

But while Chee Chee (not Chee Chee Scott or one half of Chee Chee & Pepe) remains sadly obscure her vocal demands attention. In style it is nearer the histrionics of Curtis “Cry Baby” Payne than anybody else but she is totally her own mistress as she howls her way through the lyrics. My copy has the bonus of being pressed on eye-watering red vinyl.

Anybody with further info on this disc – please get in touch.



ListenUncle Sam ain’t no woman / Crazy man ~ ENTRÉE 5000 (late 60s?)


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